April 14, 2021 | Market Update

HouseAmerica Financial: Update on Appraisals in Today’s Environment

In this video, some of our expert appraisers address popular questions surrounding appraisals in today’s environment.

3:55 | Question 1 – Can you please explain the process of the appraiser when there is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

5:43 | Question 2 – What can I do as a realtor to assist the appraiser at the time of the inspection?

7:41 | Question 3 – Can you provide how the different condition ratings in the appraisal are determined (C2 vs. C3, etc.) and how they impact the value?

9:44 | Question 4 – How important is determining if there are unpermitted areas in the home and providing that information to the appraiser prior to inspection?

10:55 | Question 5 – Can you briefly explain the differences between an FHA vs a conventional appraisal?

13:02 | Question 6 – Can you explain how you handle a 2-4 unit appraisal when there is limited comp data available?

14:32 | Question 7 – When the market is as hot as it is today in the LA market, how does an appraiser adjust when there are rapidly increasing values – time adjustments?

15:56 | Question 8 – When a value comes in below the sales price and a rebuttal is requested (ROV) can you advise us on the do’s and don’ts when submitting these requests?