November 11, 2021 | Market Update

Market News 11-12-21

Today’s Market News:

Using Content to Connect on Social Media

Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to build your network and reach more prospects — but creating valuable content can be time-consuming. So how do you remain consistently engaged across your social media platforms? Here are four best practices:1

  • Knock it all out at once
    Block out time on your calendar to create posts for the whole month. Mix up your content with timely topics and evergreen posts. Including video? Film several at once for maximum efficiency.
  • Be you
    What makes your business unique? What do your followers want to know? Foster a sense of community and increase engagement by creating content that appeals to your specific audience.
  • Optimize your profiles
    The “About Me” space is a golden opportunity to share more about you. Use keywords to increase your chances of being found on explore pages. Choose a username that accurately reflects who you are and what you do.
  • Respond to your followers
    Set aside time every day to respond to comments on your posts. And don’t neglect your inbox; you never know when a potential client might slide into your DMs with a question.

Easy Method for Addressing Bad Reviews

Ever had a bad online review from someone who was never even a customer? Or a reviewer that blew up minor issues and made them major? While your first inclination might be to ignore them, it’s better to respond to negative reviews. Responding gives potential clients context and shows you’re a real person who pays attention to what people are saying.

But tread lightly: Your response should address the negative review without getting defensive or going on the attack. If the reviewer was never a client, a short message such as “This person is not a verified client of [Company]” will suffice.2

The Art of Knowing When to S.T.O.P.

Let’s face it — silence can be awkward. While it’s natural to want to fill conversation gaps, sometimes silence can be beneficial. Train yourself to slow down and get comfortable with pauses by using the S.T.O.P method:3

  • Soak in the moment
    Sometimes your client is asking one question — but your mind races ahead to the answer for another question. Staying in the moment can improve communication and provide clarity for both parties.
  • Train your brain
    Many of us want to answer a question immediately after it’s asked. It’s okay to take a moment to formulate your response or make sure you’ve heard the question correctly.
  • Open your mind
    A short pause often allows us to see opportunities we didn’t know were there. Silence during a conversation provides the chance to reflect and learn from what’s already been said.
  • Plant seeds
    Embracing silence is all about becoming a better listener. And better listening skills lead to improved personal and professional relationships.

Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2022

As the new year approaches, three trends are popping up in real estate marketing plans. Video is rapidly becoming the preferred marketing tool. Agents are increasingly going to their video cameras for home listings and property tours.

Consumer education is also on the rise, and agents are using video and written content to add value for clients and prospects.

Increasing diversity within the real estate industry is also a hot topic for 2022. Companies are looking to diversify their sales teams and find ways to assist underserved communities.4

Smart Ways to Build Your Sphere of Influence

Your network is an invaluable source of business. The 2021 NAR member survey revealed that Realtors® get 19% of their business from referrals. How can you expand your sphere of influence and maximize its impact? Here are three tips:5

  • Make it easy for clients to refer you
    Consider writing an email template clients can send to friends and family as an introduction to your services. Or set up a landing page for prospective customers and provide clients with the link to forward to their circle.
  • Focus on building relationships, not selling
    When attending networking or community events, focus on what you can take away from the event rather than earning new business.
  • Maintain visibility in the community
    Volunteering is a great way to build your network as you give back. Don’t overlook your online community. Post to your platforms regularly and engage with posts from the people and organizations you follow.