Monte Honarchian

Mortgage Advisor
NMLS 1943026

Growing up in Burbank California, I had the opportunity to witness my parents become homeowners, resulting in a major positive influence in my life. Therefore, I sympathize with all those who are looking to take the next step into homeownership. I want to build lasting relationships with you and become your “guy” when it comes to home loans. I want to earn being your “I know a guy for loans” guy, with service worthy of that title. Remember, you are the hero of this story, without you there is no loan. I just want to be the guide, the mortgage advisor, on your journey to home ownership. I have the skills and resources to help all my clients with customized, well thought out, and most importantly satisfying solutions. I will put all my heart and mind into making the best outcome for you. Outside of work, I go to an incredible Church where I engage in loving my neighbor, deepening my faith, and serving my local and international community through our Church’s charity arm, M.E.R.C.Y. Worldwide. Many of the principles and convictions that I have held on to, I apply to my career as a mortgage loan advisor, where I love my neighbor as myself, and treat my clients as I would want to be treated. Where honesty, integrity, sympathy, and patience are all things that I hold to. All this, backed with spending time with my big Armenian family.

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Monte Honarchian
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